About Samco US Inc.


Samco US is a Health Care Services company that specializes in providing high quality Transcription and Billing services. We have been in business for 10 years and only employ the most qualified and experienced Medical Language, Coding and Billing Professionals. We utilize a state-of-the-art computer infrastructure and the latest software applications to provide you with the best, most cost effective end-to-end solutions in Transcription and Billing Services!


Our dedicated team of Medical Language and Transcription Specialists; Coding and Billing professionals will work hand-in-hand with your office to provide you with the most optimal office solutions possible. Our personalized service will insure that can meet and exceed your expectations everyday!


The Samco US Mission is to provide our clients with best healthcare management services possible and to maintain a dedicated team of high quality transcription and billing professionals, and a customer support staff that will always make our customerís needs their first priority! We will get you what you need. The right way. The first time.

Frequently asked Questions:


How do you receive the dictations?


Physicians have the option of dictating into our system using standard phone lines, toll free numbers or handheld devices. When using standard phone lines or toll free numbers, the dictation is captured by our system the moment the user hangs up the phone, and the dictation is ready for transcription by our skilled Medical Language Specialists. If a physician chooses to use digital handheld devices, then we will train the physician/office manager on how to send us the digital files so that we may transcribe them.


How are transcribed files delivered?


Delivery will be as per your requirement; however, we normally deliver documents via secure, HIPAA compliant File Transfer Protocol (FTP). With FTP, we store the completed files on our server, and our clients can access these files at any time using the FTP software. We provide our customers clear, step-by-step instructions for installing and using the software, and our current customers have found the software very convenient and user-friendly.


What hours does your dictation system operate?


Our dictation system is accessible 24x7x365, and is accessible anywhere using a touch-tone phone.


Are you HIPAA compliant?


Yes, we have implemented technical and administrative measure to help safeguard the privacy of personal patient information. Voice files that are retrieved by our in-house Medical Language Specialists and the completed files that are sent to our customers are all sent using secure SSL encrypted File Transfer Protocol (FTP). All our employees are required to sign a confidentiality statement that protects patient care documentation.


What is the turn-around time for receiving completed dictations?


With a global workforce working day and night, we have the ability to deliver transcripts to your practice within 4 to 48 hours after dictation. Files are pre-formatted to make it easy for your staff to print on your letter head or preformatted paper.


Do you provide training for the dictation system and the FTP software?


Yes, we provide clear, easy to understand instructions for using the dictation system and for using the FTP software. Should physicians decide to use handheld recorders, we also have easy-to-follow instructions for using the handhelds and for sending us the dictations for transcription.


What is your quality management system?


As a policy, Samco US will only employ trained medical language specialists. All reports go through two levels of quality checks with one review performed by the transcriptionist and a second review performed by a medical editor. As a new client, your documents will go through a third layer of quality check to ensure clear understanding of your specific requirements.


How soon can I start dictating with Samco?


We can setup new users within two business days.